A seven part painting which attempts an exchange between Indian and European art histories. In March 2019 I was invited to attend an art residency in Tirupati, Southern India which was set up as an exchange of practice between artists from India and the UK, an idea that I carried on with back home.    

Oliver Dorrell Artist Fishes Swallow Fishes Or The Flood. Indian Minature Painitng. Ramayana Mahabarata Annamayya

Fishes Swallow Fishes, Or The Flood. 2020. Oil on Canvas.
7 parts. 280x380 cm.

Panel titles - Upper level L-R - BlueMoon, Fishes Swallow Fishes, Shade Is Nothing Without The Burning Sun.

Lower level-L-R -Only You, Bald Poets, Gonna Carry That Weight, Wouldn’t It Be Nice.     

Video and sound of the work as an installation

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