A seven part painting which attempts an exchange between Indian and European religious art histories. In March 2019 I was invited to attend an art residency in Tirupati, Southern India which was set up as an exchange of practice between artists from India and the UK, an idea that I carried on with back home. Each of the seven canvases were prompted by a song of the famous 15th century Tirupati poet/musician Annamayya. The panels alternate between love songs and metaphysical songs. In the seven hills above Tirupati is one of India's most important temples and Annamayya's songs were fundamental to the popularity of the pilgrimage to this temple. The temple sits on the central, seventh hill. The seven canvases, together, reflect this pilgrimage landscape.                                                                    

Oliver Dorrell Artist Fishes Swallow Fishes Or The Flood. Indian Minature Painitng. Ramayana Mahabarata Annamayya

Fishes Swallow Fishes, Or The Flood. 2020. Oil on Canvas.
7 parts. 280x380 cm.

Panel titles - Upper level L-R - BlueMoon, Fishes Swallow Fishes, Shade Is Nothing Without The Burning Sun.

Lower level-L-R -Bald Poets, Only You, Wouldn’t It Be Nice, Gonna Carry That Weight, .     

Video and sound of the work as an installation

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