The Conjourer


Oil on Linen

The image below is by the master of Delft and is in the National Gallery, it influenced this painting in it's narrative, strange faces, its distorting of perspective.

This unfinished painting shows the ball and cup game being played for money on westminster bridge, something i saw over the summer of 2016, the same summer as the brevet vote. A man plays the game with suspiciously eager others who always win until a genuine member of the public plays and looses his money. I took the images from angry youtube videos made by angry members of the public complainig about this illegal activity. I preferred to view it as a confutation of a centuries old tradition as shown in art history by Heronymous Bosch (see Below) and as far back as the ancient eygptions. I want to update this tradition and at the same time make a scene that refers to and symbolises the cultural atmosphere then and one that is perhaps ongoing.