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Selected Landscapes

Oliver Dorrell Artist storm painting

Storm Painting. Lights, Helicopter and Sea Defences. 2012-16

Oil on Canvas. 76X61cm. 

Oliver Dorrell artist

Bridge, Clouds and Clifftop Settlement. 2012-16. Oil on canvas. 82X56cm.

Oliver Dorrell artist

Liver Mountain (Mount Kazbek after Prometheus). 2016 Oil on canvas. 82X55cm. 

mountain-landscape Oliver Dorrell artist

Mountain Landscape. 2007.

Oil on Canvas 76X56cm. (SOLD)

Oliver Dorrell artist

The Xiang River at LingLing/Yongzhou, Hunan Province, 2014. Oil on linen. 70X55cm. 2016

Oliver Dorrell artist

Down to a Sunless Sea. 2017. Oil, pencil and charcoal on canvas. 80X100cm.

Oliver Dorrell artist

The Last Roof in Gamsutl'. 2018.

Oil on canvas. 21.5X25cm.

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