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Oliver Dorrell Artist

My paintings combine the local visual culture, literature, narratives, landscape and social issues of places I travel to with broader, western art historical traditions. Thoroughly researched, the paintings attempt to give insights into these places and cultures as well as to explore the issues surrounding this problematic approach.


I recently attended an art residency in Tirupati, Southern India and the large seven part painting is a result of a study of Indian Miniature painting, the ancient epic poetry (such as The Ramayana, Mahabharata and the Bhagavata Purana) it represents, combined with the European religious painting tradition and things I saw and learnt in Tirupati.

Previously I have travelled to the North Caucasus in South Russia. The paintings are inspired by the 19th century Russian novels set in this mountainous region and it's contemporary sociopolitical complexities.

All work for sale, please contact the artist


2017/18     MA Painting. (Distinction). Wimbledon College of  Arts, University of the Arts London.

2001-2004 Bsc Anthropology. University College London.

Exhibitions and Residencies

Nov-Dec 2021 'We Are Such Stuff as Dreams Are Made On', Aleph Contemporary. Cello Factory, London

Nov 2020 - 'Art On A Postcard' London


Oct-Dec 2020- 'Reflections' Aleph Contemporary. London

Nov 2019 - The Ethnic Cultural Centre, Makhachkala, Dagestan, Russia

July 2019 -'Loop' Blase' London

Mar 2019 -'Guerilla Warefare', Blase', London

Apr 2019 - Vishnu Manchu Art Residency Exhibition, Turupathi, South India

Mar 2019 - Vishnu Manchu Art Foundation Residency, Tirupathi, South India.

Nov 2018 -'Wrong Food',  Blasé, London

Sept 2018 - Wimbledon College of Art MA Show, London

May 2018 -'62 Hands'. Lewisham Art House, London


Gallery Representation -Aleph Contemporary 

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