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Artist based in London


My paintings are made on long walks. On these walks, I carry sized silk, a collapsible stretcher frame, gum arabic and dry pigment so I can set up temporary studios in mountain huts, shelters, barns or on picnic benches. Often, the walks link two cities across a wilderness and are prompted by art history or literature. For example, in October and November 2022, I walked across the Alps from Milan to Munich. It was a walk inspired by the Alpine journey Bruegel made in 1554.


Having set up a temporary studio, my intention might be to paint something I’d seen or felt along the way; like the lonely feeling of being watched by a chamois; or the futuristic elegance of a flyover plugging into a mountain side tunnel; or an absent glacier; or the sensation of rain from under an umbrella. The intention, however, has to compete with the restrictions caused by weather — this could be the cold, or a blizzard forecast — and the exertion of walking through the landscapes, and the action of folding, carrying and re-stretching the silk support, as well as the awkwardness of making watercolours from dry pigment and silk. These antagonistic things resolve into spontaneous paintings, creased and worn by their travels, and which, framed behind glass after my walk, become fragile artifacts to the physical, more primordial way of understanding our modern world through traveling on foot.

All work for sale, please contact the artist


2017/18     MA Painting. (Distinction). Wimbledon College of  Arts, University of the Arts London.

2001-2004 Bsc Anthropology. University College London.

Exhibitions and Residencies

Oct-Nov 2023 'Don't Look Back, Vivienne Roberts Projects, The Bindery, London

Nov-Dec 2021 'We Are Such Stuff as Dreams Are Made On', Aleph Contemporary. Cello Factory, London

Nov 2020 - 'Art On A Postcard' London


Oct-Dec 2020- 'Reflections' Aleph Contemporary. London

Nov 2019 - The Ethnic Cultural Centre, Makhachkala, Dagestan, Russia

July 2019 -'Loop' Blase' London

Mar 2019 -'Guerilla Warefare', Blase', London

Apr 2019 - Vishnu Manchu Art Residency Exhibition, Turupathi, South India

Mar 2019 - Vishnu Manchu Art Foundation Residency, Tirupathi, South India.

Nov 2018 -'Wrong Food',  Blasé, London

Sept 2018 - Wimbledon College of Art MA Show, London

May 2018 -'62 Hands'. Lewisham Art House, London


Represented by Vivienne Roberts Projects

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