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North Caucasus


A series that came about through a love for the 19th century Russian novels set in the North Caucasus Region and a subsequent trip I made to the Russian republics of Dagestan and Chechnya in December 2017. Writers such as Alexander Pushkin, Mikhail Lermontov and Leo Tolstoy set their fiction in a highly romanticised, mountainous land that has become known as the Literary Caucasus. I wanted to see the North Caucasus Mountains for myself, beyond the romantic and somewhat stereotyped lands and cultures that the novels portray. These paintings mold the real-life, present day politics and culture around the fictionalised, literary past of this fascinating part of  Russia.

 Oliver Dorrell Artist The wrestler The North Caucasus Dagestan

The Wrestler (Passport). Oil on canvas. 120X90cm. 2018.

Oliver Dorrell Artist Dagestan A hero of our time North Caucasus

A Hero of Our Time. Oil on canvas. 250X167cm. 2018.

Oliver Dorrell artist Dagestan North Caucasus the horns of the bull

The Horns of The Bull. Oil on canvas. 188X208cm. 2018.

Oliver Dorrell Artist Dagestan

The Last Roof in Gamsutl'. Oil on canvas. 21.5X25cm 2018.

North Caucasus Introduction Oliver Dorrell artist
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