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blue moon

Blue Moon. 2020. Upper left panel

Oil on canvas. 155 x105cm 

Oliver Dorrell Artsist Fishes Swallow Fishes.

Fishes Swallow Fishes. 2020. Upper central panel.

Oil on canvas. 155x115cm

oliver dorrell Artist Fishes Swallow Fishes Or the Flood. Shade is Nothing Without The Burning Sun

Shade Is Nothing Without The Burning Sun. 2020. Upper right panel. 

Oil on Canvas. 155x105cm

oliver dorrell artist fishes swallow fishes or the flood, Only You Lower left panelpainting
only you

Only You. 2020. Lower left panel. 
Oil on canvas. 125x95cm.

oliver dorrell artist fishes swallow fishes or the flood bald poets
bald poets

Bald Poets. 2020. Lower mid left panel. 

Oil on canvas. 125x95cm

oliver dorrell artist, fishes swallow fushes gonna carry that weight painting

Gonna Carry That Weight. 2020. Lower mid right panel.
Oil on canvas, 125x95 cm. 

Oliver Dorrell artist Fishes Swallow Fishes Or the Flood, lower right panel.

Wouldn’t It Be Nice. 2020. Lower right panel. 
Oil on Canvas.125x95 cm.

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